Video Gallery

We started producing these short documentaries to capture the hundreds of untold stories we have discovered along the way.

It's easy to forget that, where we now stand, many have stood before us and we’ve always found personal research and the opportunity to explore locations first hand, where historical events took place, to be a rewarding way to learn about the iconic and untold stories of Australia's past, that has truly shaped our nation.

Australia has a rich and varied history and, on our journey, we aim to educateexcite and encourage people through the sharing of our documentaries, to take an interest in and understand what has gone before us.

In these videos we will bring to life those stories that we believe need to be shared. Some have almost been lost to history, and some need to be re-told as new information is uncovered.

Whenever we can, we will take you to the place where history happened, and sometimes the significance of these events can be overwhelming to us, but we will always remain true to the story.