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Our Story

Welcome to our journey, a journey of discovery, across a diverse country, and through the passage of time. This all started as Karen and I travelled throughout Australia with our work. Living in different places we discovered countless #untold #stories. Amazed that there was so little information about some stories, and how others were not entirely accurate. We decided to research the history, and tell them in a way that would be entertaining, and educational.

The only way for us to really understand and convey the significance of these events was to go to the location where it happened so the you the viewer can share our experiences. What was Australia like in the early years, pretty damn rough. We have focused the first series of our stories on Bushrangers as they were well documented in newspapers and police reports. A fascinating insight into the early years of the new frontier, and hard dangerous and unpredictable time.  We can learn about the infamous outlaws, and the brave police who would try and bring them to justice, sometimes with disastrous consequences. These were hard and dangerous times, but the common people showed great strength, persistence, courage and humour. 

So how to share our stories. While working in Sydney commuting to work we were fascinated by the use of mobile device for entertainment. So we decided to produce short stories about Australia and the history that would be suitable to be viewed on these devices. In essence we wanted to share Australia and all the #untold #stories in way that could be enjoyed. We hope that the fascinating history will not be lost so that it can be enjoyed forever.

“So why don’t you join us while we explore Australia”

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