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We take every opportunity, to stop and capture the surreal beauty of Australia far and wide from historical buildings, landscapes to the simple beauty of Australian native flora.


Sharing our collection of stunning photographs of places and moments during "our journey" exploring and filming Australia, isn't just a passion but it's our way to connect with our history, our surroundings and capturing moments in time, that can often be so quickly forgotten about or lost.


Browse our collection of thumbnail images below,  to enlarged view, simply click on each individual image.  Once the enlarged image appears you can view any further information available about the image. To scrolling through the photographs, simply click the forward and back arrows.  Finally, to return to the thumbnail gallery, simply click the X in the upper right-hand corner.

McRae's Hut
McRae's hut near Murrumburrah
This hut was built in the 1860's, the descendants still own the property.
Near the famous ruins of the Demondrille station where the bushrangers John Gilbert and John O'Meally were in a shoot out with police.
Fishing Boat - Fitzroy River
Rockhampton, Queensland
The first person to sail up the Fitzroy River was Colin Archer in the cutter "Ellida". The river was named by settlers Charles and William Archer in 1853 in honour of Sir Charles Fitzroy, at the time the Governor of NSW. Errol Flynn the famous Australian born Hollywood movie star visited Rockhampton sailing up the river as skipper of the yacht “Sirocco” in 1930.
Burra Burra Copper Mine
Burra, South Australia
The Burra Burra Copper Mine also known at the "Monster Mine" was established in 1848 and today the ruins have become an historic tourist destination.

The town and mine are both well preserved with many original buildings which today houses a museum. Several chimneys from the mining industry have survived and a tourist trail showcases the old Redruth Gaol.
Redruth Gaol
Burra, South Australia
Located off Tregony Street, Redruth Gaol was built in 1856 and housed criminals until 1922 when it was decommissioned. Although it started as a gaol by 1897 it had become a girl's reformatory and many of the stories are about the adventures of the young women who were incarcerate.The historic gaol now operates as a museum.
Eucalyptus Macrocarpa
Western Australia
Ever wondered what beautiful flora you are admiring while out hiking?
The Eucalyptus Macrocarpa is native to the south-west of Western Australia and noted for its large, spectacular flowers.
Ballarat Gaol
Ballarat, Victoria
The construction of the gaol began in 1856 and the first cell blocks were completed by 1857. It was completed in 1862 with 58 cells designed to hold a mixture of 74 male and female prisoners. In 1862 a tunnel was constructed to join the gaol to the adjacent Ballarat Courthouse, allowing for the safe transfer of prisoners. In 1872 Captain Moonlite, a bushranger and Anglican clergyman, escaped from the gaol.
Ballarat Gaol
Ballarat, Victoria
The gaol was closed in 1965 and most of the structure was demolished to allow the School of Mines Ballarat to expand onto the site. The remaining structures at the site include the main gate, warden's residence and governor's residence.
Old Dray
Burra, South Australia
Drays were an import mode of transport in early Australia and described as a low, heavy cart or wagon used for haulage. Drawn by a team of horse or bullocks.
[Middle English draie, sledge, cart, from Old English dragan, to draw.]
Old Dray
Frankston, Victoria
A look back at Melbourne's road fatality history involving a dray.

The Herald (Melbourne, Vic. : 1861 - 1954) Page 3, Thursday 11 May 1893

A fatal accident was discovered on the morning of Thur 11 May 1893 about 6 o'clock, by J. Box, a baker, while out on his round. Who discovered, about a mile from the town, the victim Angus Bethune, lying beneath the dray, which was overturned, the horse in the shafts also being killed.
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